The Export Promotion Council (EPC), Kenya’s Commercial Attache’ to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the business community undertook a market survey to South Eastern DRC in November 2005, which covered South Eastern - Katanga Province - the city of Lubumbashi.

Kenyan investors and traders are invited to take up the export and investment opportunities in the DRC. The following are the findings of the market survey;

1. Trade Profile

· DRC is the 6th leading export destinations for Kenyan exports
· DRC imports goods worth over US$0.985 billion annually
· Currently Kenya services only 4.1% of this market
· Kenya exports to DRC have grown in past decade: Kshs7.5 billion in 2004 compared to Kshs1.2  billion in1994
· DRC exports to Kenya in 2004 - Kshs392 million.

Origin of Imports

· Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria
· Far East: Japan, S. Korea, Malaysia, China, Australia, Indonesia
· Europe: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium
· Africa: S. Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal

Kenya Exports to DRC in 2004

· Petroleum oils
· Plastic articles
· Iron and non-alloy steel rods and bars
· Sugar confectionary
· Manufactured tobacco
· Soap / cleansing and Polishing preparations
· Vegetable Fats / Crude or refined
· Textile materials and articles
· Parts of furniture, bedding, mattresses, cushions and other support furnishings

2. Kenyan Goods which have potential for immediate export to DRC

· Construction materials
· Value added tea and coffee
· Paper and paper products / wrappings
· Tyres, Motor Vehicles parts and Engines
· Edible oils and fats, maize
· Footwear and textile cotton fabrics
· Anti mosquito products / Pyrethrum extracts
· Sugar confectionery, sweets, biscuits and pastry
· Plastic fittings, packaging
· Electrical fittings and appliances
· Dry cells, batteries
· Mattresses, Cushions, etc
· Services, ICT, Building and Construction, Engineering, etc

3. Additional products with export potential for DRC market

· Medicaments and pharmaceuticals
· Perfumes and cosmetics
· Soaps (toiletries)
· Chemicals (industrial)
· Textile products (blankets, cushions, bed sheets, mattresses, etc)
· Paper and paper products
· Motor vehicle parts and tyres
· Footwear
· Construction materials
· Edible oils and fats
· Processed and value added agricultural products: juices, canned fruits, coffee, tea, etc)
· Wood products: plywood, veneer,, etc
· Plastic fittings / packaging / wrapping, etc
· Cereals especially maize
· Pyrethrum products
· Sisal products
· Sweets and pastry
· Services: ICT, consultancy, reconstruction of schools, hotels, hospitals

4. Packaging Requirements for products exported to DRC

· Attractive in terms of color
· Tinned products are preferred
· Labeling in both English and French
· Batch Number
· Markings on the package: weight, date of manufacture and expiry
· Usage instructions
· List Contents / ingredients
· Contact details of the manufacturer
· Storage and handling / transportation instructions
· Logo / Trade Mark

5. Investment Opportunities

. Production and supply of building and construction materials
. Production of plastic products for construction and packaging
. Production of paper and paper products
. Mining: copper, diamond, cobalt, gold, tin, etc
. Re-construction of hotels, bridges, roads, schools, housing units, etc
. Food processing (confectionery, fruit juices, etc)
. Engineering products: automobile parts and accessories, tyres, etc
. Production of timber products for construction
. Farming: to supply the city of Lubumbashi and its environs with agricultural produce

6. Contact Details

For more information contact;

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