“To Efficiently Attract and Retain Export Oriented Investments and Trade”


“To Be the Leading, globally competitive Agency for the Promotion of Export Oriented Investments and Trade”

Core Values

  • Efficiency: The EPZA board and employees believe organizational efficiency will enable it to provide timely, high quality solutions to its customers  . EPZA will strive to make sure that all its employees are efficient in their work and efficient systems/tools are deployed to assist them in delivery of EPZA solutions;
  • Governance: EPZA embraces the principles of good corporate governance at all levels and in all decision making in the Authority. Accountability, transparency, good stewardship of resources, adherance to the law and proper exercise of delegated responsibility in the public interest are all valued;
  • Innovation:  EPZA will continuously innovate its products and operations to adapt to its environment. Additionally, EPZA will continuously research on future trends that will impact its environment and accordingly innovate  products and operations in time to take advantage of  those trends;
  • Integrity: EPZA board, managment and staff will exercise integrity, honesty, fairness and moral probity in all thier dealings amongst themselves and with the members of the various publics, and will seek to deter, prevent, expose and punish unethical practices; and
  • Institutional Loyalty and Patriotism
  • Teamwork: The EPZA board and employees will continue to work together as a team through cultivation of good working relations within  EPZA and with its various stakeholders in order to achieve its mission and ultimately its vision.