Athi River Export Processing Zone


Public EPZ


Athi River, Viwanda Road off Nairobi - Namanga Highway.

Available for rent/Lease:

Industrial Buildings, Office Space, Business Centre, Serviced Industrial Land, Commercial and residential Land


Office Block and Business Centre: Rentable space in the 5 storey zone office block (above) is available to service companies or light assembly industries. In addition, the business centre located at the gate is suitable for a bank or other service agency. Rents for both properties are US$ 2.8/sq. foot/annum for unpartitioned space plus 15% service charge. The leases are renewable every 6-years while the rents are reviewed after every 2 years.

Industrial Buildings: Industrial buildings of various sizes ranging from 1,000 – 7,000 sq. m.) are available at rents ranging from US$ 2 - 2.8/sq foot/annum plus a 15% service charge. Investors may also purchase industrial buildings from the EPZ Authority or from licensed EPZ service companies who construct buildings for rent. Prices will be available on application. The leases are renewable every 6-years while the rents are reviewed after every 2 years.

Serviced Industrial Plots: Serviced land in units of 62 x 1 hectare plots are available on a minimum 30 year lease with an annual ground rent of US$ 5,000 per annum per hectare plus 10% service charge to cover common services. Investors can also lease land for 60 years upon payment of a one-time fee of US$ 100,000 per hectare. The land may be charged by financial institutions, but may only be transferred to a licensed EPZ entity.

Commercial Area and Residential Housing Area: Land is available for construction of commercial service facilities and for housing development. Particulars are available upon application.

Existing tenants:

By the end of August, 2005, 22 export oriented firms were operation at the zone, employing more than 9,300 Kenyans. The firms were engaged in the manufacture or processing of garments, cotton yarn, human and vetenary pharmaceuticals, sisal dartboards, gemstones, computers, food processing, tanning products, construction and lease of industrial buildings.

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